Social Connections Series – An Enabling Approach

Strengthening Social Connections and Relationships for Older People and People with Disabilities – An Enabling Approach

Hosted by the Better Practice Project (BPP) in South Australia, this 7 day course, held across six months, enables those who work in social support programs to foster better social and community lives with older people and people with disabilities. The course explores experiences of loneliness and losses for people, what needs arise from these experiences, and how best to respond to a sense of better social connections and the individual’s needs. Participants engage with theory from community development and Social Role Valorisation. Learners will receive mentoring support from the experienced facilitator and coaching support from the BPP team throughout the course.

At the completion of the program, participants are expected to –

  • have created and completed a project around at least one focus person
  • strengthen the art of assisting older people and people with disabilities to engage in communities and relationships
  • influence the work of their program through considered critique of the design of a typical program, and engaging others in the agency about the thinking and practice underpinning social support
  • share learnings with other participants & graduate with manager support

Expressions of interest being sought for 2020.

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