The City of Mitcham Community Wellbeing Team

The City of Mitcham Community Wellbeing Team would like to express their thanks and appreciation for the presentation you gave on dementia:

“We apologise for the brevity of time available but we can assure you from the feedback we received from Volunteers at the meeting, it was both informative and well received. They really appreciated the practical strategies you gave to maintain the dignity of people with dementia and how you were able to communicate what their experience looked like. For those of us with minimal awareness of dementia, that provided tremendous insight.

We will forward on the resource material you are sending immediately upon receipt while the presentation is still fresh in the minds of the Volunteers.

I believe you will receive some follow up calls as a result of the presentation which provides reinforcement of how well it went.

Once again, thank you for making the time to do this and for your valuable insights.”