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This workshop explores the importance of our own resilience and supporting others to recognize their capacity to bounce back from adversity and loss.

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Resilience practices are now more necessary than ever. How equipped are your frontline workers in identifying resilience and supporting people during times of challenges maximising people’s own capacity.

This session will enhance our skills to support older people and carers to develop their own wellbeing and resilience strategies. This taster will connect participants to a range of ideas and approaches to develop effective responses to hardships people face as they age.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identifying resilience strategies as vital to overall health and wellbeing.
  • Understanding the benefits of strengths based approaches to enhance resilience and optimism
  • Activity in preparation for the session:

Target Group: CHSP support workers, volunteers, other aged care workers - highly beneficial for frontline workers and volunteers. For best results team leaders and manager should have undertaken the session to enhance team practices and strengthen cultural changes.