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Dignity of Risk

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An interactive 2 hour on-line session which will clarify and explore the concept of 'Dignity of Risk' with real case studies.

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For decades aged care service providers and their staff have had the terminology “Duty of Care” drummed into them about the best way to protect older people in our care.

Fast forward to July 2019 and all of a sudden we’re thrown a curve ball and its name is “Dignity of Risk”…add that to consumer choice and control, a Royal Commission, a new quality framework and a COVID-19 pandemic… is it any wonder the lines have been blurred for frontline staff, service managers and policy makers in aged care organisations about how to support dignity of risk and choice for older people.

Join us for this interactive 2 hour on-line session which will clarify and explore the concept with real case studies.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Defining Dignity of Risk and Duty of Care in layman’s terms
  • Investigating dignity of risk versus negligence and legal definitions
  • Notions of dignity and self-determination
  • Understanding that dignity of risk is about improving quality of life and is a basic human right
  • What is reasonable risk and how is it applied in everyday practice?
  • How to remove or reduce risk and focus on dignity
  • Understanding dignity of risk for older people with cognitive impairment
  • Dignity of risk and providing palliative care
  • Challenging conversations with well-meaning loved ones.
  • Unpacking some decision-making tools and resources to assist with dignity of risk conversations and support planning


Target Audience:  Policy makers, Service Managers and Frontline staff