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Valued Roles for All

Program Short Description

Jane Sherwin leads participants to understand how enabling the individuals participation in the community with a focus on Valued Roles gives a firm foundation for service planning and cooperative action. Roles start with the person, who they are, what their passions and interests are, what makes sense in their own individual life in their own local community. The crafting of valued roles is highly individualised and requires the provider has deep understanding of the unique response each person requires.

We challenge you to join our investigation of “the purpose of life is a life with purpose”  with Jane Sherwin.

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Program Info

Valued Roles for All focuses us on the real and detrimental effects of dehumanisation, the negative impact of social devaluation and why older people are likely to get marginalised and rejected.

Participants are invited to stretch beyond conventional, comfortable & traditional practices to create new approaches to foster Role -Thinking.

A deep dive into valued roles creates opportunities for more older people having rich meaningful lives and demonstrates how our work can enable people to find deep and real belonging in community life. Social Role Valorisation (SRV) is the theory that informs the thinking and planning framework for the development of individual valued roles and underpins this session.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the importance Valued Roles play in meaningful lives of people
  • Clarify the detrimental impact of unconscious dehumanisation and social devaluation
  • Strengthening the capacity of workforce to deliver quality services that are responsive to the needs of older people, specifically the people with more complex or diverse needs;
  • Identifying strategies for workers to empower and advocate with older people to reach purposeful lives and meet their identified outcomes.


Target Audience: Managers, Team Leaders & aged care staff with a passion to meld complex frameworks with effective practices.