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Coaching to GROW

Program Short Description

This day long Masterclass will focus on the coaching mindset, the skills required to effectively coach and provide a structured approach to planning and conducting a coaching session with the aged services workforce.

Purpose:  To increase an awareness of coaching and how it can be used to develop individuals for sustainable change. 

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So what is coaching and how does it work?

Coaching is a structured one on one conversation focused on individual’s development through increasing their self-awareness and personal responsibility.  Using a coaching approach helps individuals to think through issues and improve their own performance – we are helping them to learn.  We can do this by asking the ‘right’ questions and actively listening in a supportive and encouraging environment.  It is not about giving answers particularly if we are looking for sustainable change.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define coaching
  • Explain the importance of the coaching mindset
  • Identify the key coaching skills
  • Describe the GROW model


Target Audience - Team leaders, Coordinators, Learning and Development personnel or who anyone is in interested in the ongoing development of team members