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Good Better Best

Program Short Description

Good Better Best is an exciting, unique South Australian initiative that has evolved over several years and just keeps getting BETTER.

This series of 4 workshops will enable participants who work in a range of programs to build their professional capacity to respond to the real needs of older people accessing services, so that they may access the BEST in life

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Program Info

Sector Support and Development has delivered a Strengthening Social Connections and Relationships: an enabling approach for the past seven years. Due to Covid19 we have now created a modified series that can accommodate restrictions. This will enable participants to engage in an interactive dive into more complex frameworks and approaches to develop broader practices to assist the most marginalised people in our communities. This ‘four sessions across one month’ course will encourage participants to stretch themselves to reflect on their capacity to develop new insights and practices.

The four sessions will be supported by a workbook developed by the Trainer:

  1. Being ‘of service’ in contrast to ‘a service’
  2. Countering isolation and loneliness using valued roles and relationships
  3. Working in people’s homes
  4. Keeping people safe, an approach beyond rules and forms


Learning Outcomes:

  • Inform one’s practice framework with values that counter the impacts of ageism and support some of the recommendations from the Royal Commission
  • Identify practices to stretch the workforce to empower and advocate with older people to reach their best lives and identified outcomes.



The features of this Series include:

  • responding to a real need in our communities: the losses, loneliness and isolation of older people
  • high levels of participation by participants in their own learning with homework being completed between the workshops
  • shared insights between the participants
  • focusing on the voices of the older people (and families) to shape the outcomes, beyond being merely consulted
  • underpinning values of high expectations in the lives of vulnerable people and welcoming vulnerable people into roles, relationships, activities and places that people with a valued status take for granted.


Target Audience - Workforce committed to cultural change in organisations and in practice utilising complex frameworks and approaches.