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Customer Service: We all love it!

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We all love a great customer experience. It keeps us coming back for more and makes us feel heard and involved. Spend some time reflecting on how you do this and take away new ideas and skills to give your clients a great customer experience every time- even during the hard times.

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In today’s competitive world of providing aged care we all need to be focused on making the customer feel number one. The aged care quality and safety standards also put our clients at the centre of everything that we do. Lastly and most importantly, as a sector we really care about those we work with.  So how do we pull all of this together to ensure that that our customer service surrounds everything we do as professional workers?

Held over 2 x 2 hour sessions, this course will explore this and provide practical tools to improve what we do for older people receiving our support in all settings.

By the end of the two, two-hour sessions, participants will have explored and have understanding of:

  • Where does customer service occur?
  • Why do we care about great customer service?
  • How the aged care quality standards relate to great customer experience?
  • Importance of engagement and relationships
  • Six pillars and practices of great customer service
  • Culture of great customer service
  • Soft skills
  • Managing complaints
  • Open Disclosure
  • Domains of customer service
  • Tricks and tips

Participants will be able to apply these learnings practically to the workplace to ensure a better customer experience.


Target Audience:  All aged care workers