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Mental Health Awareness & the Older Person: Hoarding, collecting & clutter

Program Short Description

Investigate the likely reasons why older people accumulate ‘stuff’ and the underlying emotions & experiences that can contribute to these behaviours.

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The 1.5 hour session will provide CHSP workers and volunteers with insight and understanding about hoarding in older people.  The session will provide helpful information as to why older people may engage in hoarding behaviour, the impact and safety issues hoarding can have.  We look at the differences between hoarding and collecting including signs to look for with helpful tips on referral pathways for those wanting to seek support, help and assistance with hoarding.


How to support the older person by:

  • information provision
  • awareness raising
  • identifying risk factors
  • identifying strategies
  • provision of resources including referral pathways


Target Audience: Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) personal care workers, team leaders, supervisors and CHSP volunteers.