Learning and Professional Development 

As the demand for aged care services will increase substantially over the next 40 years, appropriate planning for a well-supported and qualified aged care services workforce is vital.

One of the ways for aged care service providers to overcome some of the workforce challenges is by adopting a strong commitment to ongoing staff Learning and Professional Development.  A commitment to staff Learning and Professional Development will increase knowledge, skills, productivity and loyalty, to ensure a good quality of life for older Australians into the future.

In delivering quality aged care services, it is essential to ensure people entering into our Sector are  ‘right fit’ and that there is the appropriate training and development opportunities in place to enable the required skills and knowledge to be developed.  This has been the driving force for ACCPA’s range of learning and professional development activities, programs and initiatives – all designed to drive an effective aged care services workforce.

ACCPA is dedicated to supporting the aged care services industry to have ready access to a range of practical and relevant Learning and Professional Development options.

Training Calendar

Our Training Calendar is updated regularly to accommodate your organisational needs and can be delivered for large groups and specialised areas within the aged services sector.

ACCPA is able to facilitate a range of Learning and Professional Development activities and programs, which are all dedicated to supporting service providers in their workforce planning.

Additional to our member-focused, industry-led and demand-driven programs, ACCPA also offers a full calendar of Learning and Professional Development programs.